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Working Together


Each organization has different dispatch needs, but everyone needs to communicate. By supporting a wide range of radio gateways, we can build you a network that lets you talk to everyone you need to. CORE’s goal is to remove the limitations from your dispatch network, allowing your organization to communicate in a way that works for you, instead of having to work around technology and hardware restrictions.


RTP and SIP endpoints and channels can exist side by side in the same network and can be converted between by a media server if required.


Since CORE does not require any proprietary hardware, backup locations can easily be setup in any location with access to your dispatch network. Supervisors and technicians in the field can bring up a console on their laptops and access the radio network remotely through a VPN or tunnel .


CORE integrates into existing radio networks with minimal changes and downtime. For many deployments, CORE can be brought up in parallel with existing equipment, allowing a gradual transition for dispatchers and telecommunications staff.


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