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Integrated Features


With responsive design, the CORE console is focused on a wide range of user applications and has been constructed to support the new digital radio standards. The CORE console is an effective communication tool that is easy to operate, providing a powerful tool for interoperable group communications. While enabling access to two-way radios, hoot and holler networks, fixed and mobile telephones – CORE offers additional features such as built in softphone, texting capabilities, resizable interfaces, and a wide range of external audio and signaling input and output devices.

CORE console roles are independent of each other and can be defined for each operator. An operator’s console layout follows the user to any machine through a secure login. Designated operators can patch users and groups together, select and unselect audio, monitor conversations and view user status.





Key Benefits:

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  • CORE Dispatch Console-  CORE’S custom interface allows your dispatchers to communicate the way that makes sense for you. The interface allows for push to talk to radios and other devices, reception of phone calls, from your PBX or voice network. The interface enables the user to call and control multiple talk channels.

  • RTP/SIP Gateway Communication - Support for a wide range of radio gateway and interface products.

  • SIP Device Communication: In addition to radio gateways, CORE can communicate with a wide range of SIP based communication devices, including desk phones, PA systems, Tone Remotes and  and other sip communication appliances.

  • Centralized Configuration Server – Console configurations, perferances and user interfaces are stored on a centralized configuration server, making it easy to push out a new configuration.New settings will take effect at the next login for each console, so dispatchers are not distaracted by updates in the middle of a call.

  • Talk Groups – A group of members which include traditional, digital & mobile radios, SIP phones, hotlines and hoot – holler devices.

  • Can integrate with existing PBXs - calls from your existing PBX can be routed to the softphone in the CORE Disptach console with minimal configuration.

  • Cross band Interoperability – Communicates to multiple radio types and formats including UHF/VHF, narrowband, 700/800 MHZ digital, P25 and more. A CORE Talkgroup can be restricted to a single radio channel or can bridge multiple locations and frequencies, allowing communication to an entire region.

  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery – CORE can be distributed to many networked appliances placed at remote recovery sites. The architecture permits networking and configuration replication.

  • In Band Signalling – Supports protocols including EIA tone control, COR and DTMF and more.

  • Interoperability  - CORE operates in and support multi-vendor environments. Multiple locations with different endpoints and devices can communicate seamlessly.

  • Radio and Telephone Call-ins- The CORE engine delivers, classifies, and distributes incoming calls the appropriate user.

  • Software Based Consoles – Any computer with access to your network and the proper credentials can become a dispatch console. Supervisors and technicians can connect from home or in the field over a VPN to monitor and troubleshoot channels. Backup consoles can be brought online quickly in the event of disasters or equipment failures.

  • Scalability – Encompasses beyond traditional legacy systems without having to add any specialized hardware or keys.

  • SIP/IP Architecture - Directly links radios across an existing SIP/IP network.

  • Virtualization Friendly - CORE’s Software works as well in a vritual environment as it does on bare metal. Servers can be hosted in your organisation’s cloud, saving on hardware costs.

  • Voice Grade Radio Calls- Transports radio calls as telephone calls over a voice grade network.



  • Simple, easy to use re-sizable web based console screen

  • Based on open RTP and SIP standards

  • Software based solution, no proprietary hardware is required anywhere in the network

  • Native SIP Phone system Integration

  • CORE Runs on any modern Windows/Linux desktop or laptop with Java

  • Individual dispatchers can display and manage multiple channels allowing for an integrated and smooth communications environment

  • Call logging and instant replay give dispatchers the complete picture, and let them catch up on missed information.

Coming Features:


  • Integrated GPS and mapping capabilities

  • Send text messages between consoles and supported radio networks.

  • Presence shows which other consoles and endpoints are online

  • Private one-to-one calls on SIP channels.

  • Remote programming of digital radios

  • And more, contact us to request a feature!

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