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We develop, manufacture and assemble powerful integrated radio communications solutions that are easy to use, mobile and collaborative – allowing work teams to communicate on one platform. Our objective is to remove  obstacles that make communication complicated, and improve operability, interoperability, security and increase productivity within the work teams.


We think it makes sense for organizations extend their communications capabilities and maximize the value of their technological investments. In doing so, our customers can focus on realizing the operational benefits of a unified communications infrastructure. For this reason, our solutions bring together any type of communications system so the user groups can communicate effortlessly – across systems, devices and technologies.


With many years of experience within engineering, electronics assembly and computer design, our systems are designed to meet our customers’ specific operational goals allowing for maximum flexibility. Our line of products and services will fit any existing set-up, allowing systems to grow or change as it may become necessary. Our services incorporate the planning, design, assembly, implementation and on-going support and maintenance of integrated radio communication systems as well as a range of other radio related components and Radio Over IP Subscription services.

What we do

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