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Flexible interface technology - marking the beginning of unmatched dispatch console design and functionality


CORES’s interface employs web based technology and marks the beginning of unmatched dispatch console design and functionality.


CORES’s interface employs web based technology and brings the term “flexibility” to a new level. Every organization has different dispatch console needs, CORE provides an interface which works the way you do. Choose from a set of sensible default interfaces or work with our staff to create one that fits the way you want to dispatch. Customized user interfaces can emulate an existing analog or software dispatch console and can be colored and branded to fit any desired organizational look.


CORE can work and look like your existing system, while upgrading the aspects that you’ve always wished you could change. In contrast to the traditional user customizable interfaces, we can change everything and anything that is displayed on the screen and nearly every aspect of how the user interacts with it.


Also, did we mention speed? Because CORE utilizes web based technology, we are able to provide this flexible customization quickly. Demo interfaces can be uploaded and tested quickly so that we can be sure that you are getting the interface you want.




Example of traditional look

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CORE Quick Facts:

  • Push to talk and latched microphone

  • Custom audio routing, based on selected/unselected channels or other criteria.

  • Built in SIP softphone

    • Can integrate with your existing PBX.

    • Interconnect paging with DTMF

    • Support for speed dials and one-click-calling

  • RTP based radio channels

    • Simple push to talk audio on unicast and/or multicast

    • A wide variety of supported endpoints and network devices

    • No media server is required


  • SIP based radio channels

    • Ideal for more complicated dispatch networks

    • Caller ID for transmissions

    • Can communicate with desktop phones and PA equipment via push-to-talk.


  • Both RTP and SIP channels can be used in the same dispatch network

  • Arbitrary tone generation and DTMF on radio channels and phone calls.

  • Local audio recording and instant replay.








Example of Mobile look



Example of an Office look

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