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Telex Radio Dispatch, part of the Bosch Group, manufactures and delivers thousands of mission-critical communication systems worldwide.


Telex Radio Dispatch is a leading manufacturer of IP control for two-way radio communications. Based on a distributive architecture, Telex dispatch console systems have flexibility, scalability, and redundant capability based on the network.


Telex converts audio and control functions from analog or digital to Ethernet packets. Once converted to IP, the signal can be transported via LAN, WAN, 802.11 wireless, satellite, and the Internet. With this many mediums to work with, systems can be precisely scaled according to application, whether confined to a single building or campus, or covering an entire country or the world. You can control a Telex IP based system in Texas from New York, and all with parallel control in London, England.


C-Soft is a flexible and capable dispatch software – the perfect application for many dispatch environments. This software installs on a Telex Nexus position, a Telex laptop, or on your own computer position (when used with the ADHB-4 audio adaptor). With two to two hundred radio lines, C-Soft allows you to design your screen to your application. Standard features include Instant Recall Recorder, paging, and intercom. Available features include Fleetsync, MDC-1200, and Advanced SIP. C-Soft is compatible with Windows XP and WIN7 "32 bit" formats.


The newest addition to the list of Radio interfaces is the connection that gives the C-Soft consoles control capability of MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems. All of the MOTOTRBO™ Conventional and Capacity Plus features are supported at this time, including GPS tracking.


Positronics has extensive knowledge and experience with the Telex C-Soft system. We fully understand how the key management works and we are able to maximize the distribution.

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