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Commercial  Enterprises’ Dispatch Requirements


The aim for our dispatch solutions is to make your business more productive.

Business  enterprises that are geographically distributed can greatly benefit from implementing a unified communications network. By unifying the necessary voice communications the worry of trying to connect multiple communications networks and several different technologies is eliminated. Whatever your situation, our software solutions can help. It connects your radio users to the rest of the enterprise and extends voice communications to all workers, regardless of system or device. And because our products are software, it frees you to think long-term about how you can improve  your communications network.


Benefits to you:


  • Access Two-Way Radio Systems Directly From Your IP Telephone and mobile devices.

  • Connects your radio and non-radio users without the need for expensive desktop radios or additional dispatch services.

  • It supports hundreds of groups of simultaneous users with a single commercial off-the-shelf, Windows-based server or selected IP telephony system.

  • A unified communications network will improve business processes, save time and increase productivity.


Extend Enterprise UC to Include Radio Systems


Our solutions include two-way radios in the scope of your deployment. We’ve proven the technology where the integration of multiple two-way radios is mission-critical. So as a the unification strategy rolls out across the enterprise sector, you’ll be ready to integrate radio with phones, soft clients and mobile devices to improve productivity and collaboration.

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