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WAVE user Interface


Based on Motorola Solutions' (TwistedPair) WAVE, Positronics’ HUB interface offers a cost effective, unified communication interface that is customized to meet the operational needs of each customer. With HUB, the console interface will look and behave the way the user needs it to operate.

Positronics HUB utilizes all of the existing WAVE functionality (including its mobile capabilities) and customizes them to meet your specific operational needs. Prior to the purchase of a HUB system a detailed analysis of your current operation, infrastructure, and procedures is conducted. This analysis and your goals are vital to the design process.


Once the design phase is completed and approved by you the system is implemented by Positroncis in a way that minimizes any disruption to your normal operations. We are able to run systems in parallel with your existing systems or implement piece by piece. Once the implementation stage is complete Positronics offers a wide variety of long-term support and maintenance services:


Network Management – Positronics can monitor and maintain relevant sections of your network


  • Systems Management – Positronics can ensure that all consoles are maintained and updated when applicable.

  • 24/7/365 Support Services – Positronics offers 24/7/365 technical support via phone and email. This support can be catered to meet even the most stringent of SLA requirements.


All of these services are aimed at reducing your costs, lightening the load on your existing technical staff, and ensuring the best possible operation of your unified communication system.

WAVE quick facts:

Example of HUB looking like Motorola

Positronics HUB Advantage


Adding HUB interface to any WAVE system simplifies the user's work template and screen environment. HUB is ideal for critical communication environments that demand instant clarity.

HUB makes the interface look and behave the way the user needs it to operate.


We create user friendly experiences!

Quick WAVE facts:

WAVE utilizes a platform that simplifies communications for various industries, including emergency services, defense, and large enterprises. It offers these organizations seamless interoperability between many dissimilar devices and protocols, such as:

  • SIP/H.323


  • Voice Interop AM 360

  • Telex IP-223 / NI-223

  • Cisco 2800 Series Router E&M


A WAVE solution allows for complete redundancy and endless scalability. Licenses are centralized and can be shared over multiple locations. This allows for “hot sites” to be run in parallel to active operation centers, making possible near-instant failover.

In addition to this WAVE runs on multiple platforms such as Windows XP/Vista/7, the Blackberry Bold 9000 and Tour 9600, and most Windows Mobile devices.


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