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Public Safety Misson - Amplification Meeting the New Standards

Single or Dual band version – 700 and/or 800MHz, Fully NFPA compliant



    CriticalPoint Public Safety BDA


 Digital/programmable utilizing FPGA
 Supports public safety 700/800MHz in single band or dual band version
 Supports P25 P1/P2 digital and conventional analog communications simultaneously
 Single band versions include license to switch from original band to alternate band
 Single band can be upgraded to dual band via license key
 Each band supports up to 32 channels
 2W output power for each band
 Channelized Auto Gain Control (AGC) / Channelized uplink squelch
 Built-in mandatory isolation test to prevent BDA oscillation
 Auto shutdown with alarm upon oscillation detection
 Web based GUI for intelligent configuration, SNMP supported
 NFPA compliant dry contact alarms, NEMA 4X enclosure
 FCC ID: PX8RX-7W22
 UL Certificate: SGSNA/16/GZ/00003


  • Available single or dual band – 700 and/or 800MHz

  • 2 Watts per band

  • Class A – 32 channels PER BAND

  • Channelized uplink AGC

  • Channelized  uplink squelch

  • Mandatory built in isolation testing and verification

  • Web based GUI for configuration

  • Fully NFPA compliant (dry contact alarming; NEMA 4 enclosure)

  • SNMP support

  • Convection cooling (no fans)

  • Weight - 50 lbs.

  • AC consumption – 80W single band; 100W dual band



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