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The air transportation sector is one that is continuously working to improve safety.  The airline operators  are faced with the responsibility of safely transporting both passengers and freight to locations throughout the world. Air transportation is a  vital component in today’s economy, as our economic sectors rely on  fast, safe, and cost-effective transportation. Positronics’ software  solutions cater to those with mission-critical communication  requirements. Our systems allow for simultaneous communication between  multiple users, groups, organizations, and locations. Focus is given to  meeting the specific needs of those involved in the dispatch of  equipment, vehicles, and ground crews.


Positronics communication systems maximize operational efficiency by  seamlessly integrating into existing communication infrastructure.  Because of this both the upfront and reoccurring costs are significantly less than any alternatives. Our systems are scalable by design and  fluctuations in size of the dispatch team are effortlessly handled by  the system. This same methodology also allows for the operation of  parallel dispatch centers. Should a primary location fail communications can continue without interruption via the use of a “hot site”.


Our systems drastically improve the reach and effectiveness of existing  systems and allow for unified communications between multiple vendors  and systems.  Meeting the communication requirements for airlines and  airport groups requires that we take into consideration both operational and safety regulations while still offering a feature rich and  affordable solution. To achieve this, our systems are designed to allow  for:


  • Complete network redundancy

  • Complete operational redundancy (via “hot sites”)

  • Simplification of network management procedures (or the complete outsourcing of)

  • Hardware changes and migrations within the system


Positronics designed, built, and implemented Canada’s first  nationwide IP radio communication system. This system allowed for an  airline to manage all ground dispatch activities throughout Canada from a single, redundant, location. It has lead to a significant reduction in  the operational costs as all lease lines have been eliminated, location  requirements have been reduced, and and reliability improved. In this  field Positronics has set, and continues to set, the benchmark for  reliable digital voice communication in Canada.


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