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Public Safety

First responders – police, fire, and ambulance – are dependent on fast, easy, and reliable communications.


Often there is a reluctance among dispatch operators to up-grade and switch systems as any interuption may hinder crews ability to safely deal  with mission critcal situations.   Our systems and methods cater to this by allowing for a parallel switch over which prevents interruption to any section of the network. We enhance communications, while reducing cost and allowing users to continue using the equipment they have become instinctively familiar with.


Imperative in the design process is to consider the dispatch operators. Dispatchers in this type of environment work under high levels of stress. It is vital that their work consoles and templates are designed with their specific needs in mind. Our CORE and HUB interfaces are designed to look and behave precisly the way the operators want and need the console screens to look like. In fact, with our flexible design, the new console can look precisly like the old one - if that is desired.


Managing moving crews in various, unrelated, locations requires the use of a vast and versatile system. These are the types of solutions we provide. Not only do our systems integrate with existing infrastructure they come complete with full life-cycle support – from design, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring. Some of the considerations built into our designs are:


  • Computer aided central and field dispatching

  • Scalability

  • Redundancy

  • The time sensetivity of support services

  • Continous system monitoring services

  • Hardware changes and migrations within the system

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