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The transportation industry utilizes a wide range of vehicles, including trains, trucks, and boats, and at times combinations of all. These diverse fleets require diverse communication solutions. Positronics offers efficient and feature rich IP dispatch solutions to all sectors of this industry.  Our systems incorporate new features and technologies enhancing overall system reliability and maintainability. We maximize operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating into existing communication infrastructure.


Meeting the need of the transportation sector require solutions that make sense from a safety, operational, and cost point of view. All systems offered by Positronics are sold with optional maintenance agreements. These support services reduce the strain on the current technical teams while easing the implementation and upkeep phases of the system. Further benefits offered by a Positronics communications system are:


  • Computer aided central and field dispatching

  • Improved communication between dispatchers and user groups

  • Offers complete network redundancy

  • Offers scalability in all directions

  • Customized for operating requirements

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