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Asset Management

Positronics Enterprises offer an array of management services aimed at helping organizations without the resources required to maintain a radio shop, or who do not wish to further burden their IT team. Positronics offers a full service communication management solutions, such as:


  • Asset Inventory services ensure that all relevant assets have been recorded and tagged.

  • License Inventory services ensure that all of your existing radio licenses have been saved in an off-site database. Positronics will also go through the process of acquiring any new licenses you may need.

  • Location Control services ensure that all of your locations and departments into our database. This allows you to easily determine the minimum and maximum inventory levels for each of these locations.

  • Pool Inventory services allow us to create a Spares Pool, allowing for quick replacement of unserviceable field equipment.

  • Equipment Repair services offer a central location for all repairs to be sent. if the  equipment can be repaired and updated and put into the “Spares Pool “, a full set of repair records are kept and a repair history is kept in our database

  • Scheduled Site Visit services cover the setting of a maintenance schedule to assure that fixed equipment is operating at peak performance, preventive maintenance performed at remote sites to a minimize future issues. Site visits include cable and antenna inspections, cable sweeps, grounding, lighting protection, power and SWR measurements.


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