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We develop and manufacture  powerful and integrated radio communication solutions that are easy to use, mobile and collaborative – allowing work teams to communicate on one platform. 



E-Comm Design to meet with Building Permit Application

We offer complete designs, signal modelling and engineer certification.

Public Safety Radio Amplification System

Supporting the E-Comm radio network - Schedule an E-Comm signal test

Critical Point Public Safety

Bi-Directional Amplifier



Public Safety DAS Annunciator System

Fire Inspection Readiness

Public Safety DAS Annunciator System

Meets NFPA-72, NFPA-1221 and IFC Codes for a Dedicated Annunciator and Monitoring Panel

DASalert Model 1221  high rez.jpg
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Web based interface technology - marking the beginning of unmatched dispatch console design and functionality.

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Monitoring Room

Communications solutions that are easy to use, easy to integrate, mobile and collaborative.

Positronics is an authorized dealer of ICOM, Vertex Standard, and Technisonic products.

Wireless System integrator focused on providing in-building coverage for all emergency services and cellular applications.

 Site Surveys and Certification

Public Safety - E-Comm Solutions that matter

Meeting the new 700Mhz standards

E-Comm Vancouver, E-Comm North Vancouver, E-Comm District of North Vancouver, E-Comm Surrey, E-Comm Port Moody E-Comm amplification inbuilding radio 700 band

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BDAs an

  • All Cellular bands in Canada

  • Public Safety 700MHz and 800 MHz

  • Wide Band Radio Heads

  • Channel Selective Repeaters

  • Band Selective Repeaters

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