Positronics Enterprises Ltd.


Positronics applies its expertise to meet the challenges of today’s mission-critical industries. We develop and operate communications and information processing systems and provide systems engineering and integration solutions to these industry areas: airports, public safety, Utilities, Transport and Government Agencies.

Airports – Positronics offers communication solutions to various airport groups, including maintenance crews, ground crews and dispatchers. Our solutions maximize operational efficiency while minimizing cost by integrating with existing communications infrastructure. Positronics launched Canada's first nation-wide IP Radio Communication system in this industry, and in turn proving our technologies both viable and cost-effective.

Public Safety – Positronics provides reliable, effective, and easy-to-use communication solutions to first responder agencies – police, fire, and ambulance. We recognize that clear communication is key to resolving emergency situations. Our systems are built with the user in mind, focusing heavily on ease-of-use and reliability.

Utilities – With communication needs both in a yard and out in the field, Positronics offers an array of communication solutions for Utilities Providers. These systems are designed to provide safety when in the yard, while still accounting for varied and remote geographic environments.

Transport – Positronics solutions offer streamlined communications to organizations in which logistics are key. We supply cost-effective and simple communications for a variety of transport options.

Government Agencies – Positronics offers interoperable solutions to meet to needs of various government organizations, including forestry groups, ports, and border patrol.

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